As a Financial institution, you manage millions of digital payment transactions for your customers, across varied devices like the ATMs, Merchant terminals, Internet Banking, Mobile Apps, Wallets, Interchanges and other varieties. They only grow by the day.

You not only need to account for all the transactions but also continuously improve your systems to make the transacting activity as pleasant an experience as possible for your customers. With this comes the need to promptly identify the exceptions among those transactions and provide faster redressal to your customers. Those technical exceptions are not their fault, after all.

One might wonder as to why the failed transactions needed to be tracked? They are anyways managed by automated systems, with no manual intervention!! Should not correcting those faults also be part of that automation!! Looks to be a valid argument! Except that it doesn’t happen that way…at least not in real life. With increasing transaction volumes, the customer disputes also keep rising….

So where do we come in…

We are reconciliation experts with in-depth experience in the digital financial domain. Our services go beyond just reconciling and generating reports. We can service your entire payment back-office needs.

  • Reconcile Transactions

  • Balance loaded & available cash in ATMs

  • Manage customer Disputes

  • Draw everyday Accounting Trial balance

  • Tally day-end Account-Heads & maintain shadow General Ledger

  • if you have other specific needs, just tell us


We can reconcile data for various payment systems and channels like

  • ATM, POS and eCommerce

  • Interchanges like NPCI, VISA, MasterCard, AMEX

  • App based channels that service prepaid applications, BQR etc.,

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