Our Vision

To provide customers in financial domain with uncompromising support products that supplement their core systems.

Our Mission

To leverage our ever growing expertise and experience in offering superior quality payments system software that are secure , save on execution timings, require minimal maintenance and continuously upgraded using appropriate technology.

Why Netz?

Retail Payment being the fastest growing industry in the Finance segment, needs solutions that not only meet the current requirements, but also have the capability to scale up to meet future needs. A niche segment within Banking & Finance, experience in this domain is very hard to come by and hence extremely valuable.

With over 3 decades of experience in Banking and Finance, a major part of it exclusively in the Retail payment Industry, the founders have tremendous insights into the functioning of the Finance & Payments domain

With a dedicated and sincere team of people, our solutions have been thoroughly researched, designed, developed and tested so that they meet every expectation and address all current pain points in the Retail Payments Service sector.

At their core, our solutions

  • are built on open standards &¬†user friendly
  • have every feature required in the domain
  • could be tailored to meet unique requirements
  • have minimal hardware footprint
  • have high reliability & processing capability
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