Digital Transaction Reconciliation for Banks

Retail Payments is a fast-growing segment within the Banking Industry. Worldwide, the daily transaction volume has grown from millions into billions.

From its predictable origins like ATM and POS, the Retail Payments has moved into countless segments like Ecommerce/ Mobile wallet/ Apps / UPI / BillPay… this list keeps increasing by the day.

From physical cards to just card numbers and then to the Virtual payment address. It has indeed taken multiple avatars to cater to multiple customer conveniences.

In such a dynamic environment, the need for an automated reconciliation software, with an in-depth domain knowledge and readiness to take on the challenges as they emerge has become a compelling one. A single mould software would not fit all.

You would surely need a partner who is agile, competent ,focused and always be with you


Easy Migration Path

Fast & Minimally invasive implementation


Offered as on-site SaaS


We do daily processing

Our team available on-site 365 days

T+1 job completion


Browser based UI
Users access system from your intranet or internet.


Dispute management using inputs both from internal CRM and external interchanges


From downloading of file to uploading of settlement TTUMs
it's end-to-end automated


What we can do

From Gross to Retail payments, We have a range of reconciliation products for banks and financial institutions.

We setup our system in your premises or on your Private Cloud, staff the operations &  get your sensitive data reconciled.

We also provide the services from our Cloud platform as well.

It’s all completely OPEX with very low upfront investment. 

Let us be your partner

Are you looking forward to a Retail payments reconciliation Solutions?

We at NETZTS, really understand the domain and the technology.

We specialize only in this domain, with deep understanding of the nitty gritties and its ever changing policies.

With leading Century old Banks as our happy customers, we have a proven team that not only delivers but goes along with you every step of the way.

We value your relationship. Kindly leave a message for us to reach out to you.

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