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Single core recon engine,reconciles Card Transactions originating from ATM,PoS,E-Commerce,Mobile Channels getting authorised via VISA,MasterCard,AMEX,NPCI interchanges.


Our workflow based ChargeBack / Disputes module is an escalation and reporting system.It monitors disputes at every stage,tracks turn around time,controls variants and escalates within specified period.


Get a 360 degree view of ATM cash balances by tracking the entire cycle of cash loading by CRAs and withdrawals by Card Holders.Take a time slice view of ATM Cash balances.


Our Universal EJ reader has the capability to interpret Electronic journals of major ATM standards,Diebold and NCR.The system is designed to read EJs of any other OEM.


Settle all your merchant dues.Your merchants can use a browser to interactively search historical data,perform captures,refunds,voids and reconcile transactions


Using our Accounting module, cast your daily Trial Balance, host entries into Retail Account heads,maintain shadow balances of main GL. Get a bird's eye view of daily business across all channels.

We're pretty good at these things too

all types of reconciliation

Reconciliation of any kind

Not just card / cashless transaction reconciliation. We can adapt our application to reconcile any type of finance related data like Bill Pay, Forex, Remittances and more.


Reconciliation as a service

We will setup our system in your premises, staff the operation and reconcile your sensitive data. Low upfront investment and you pay only per transaction charges.

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